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Elegance Unleashed | Aisle Wall Clock

Elegance Unleashed | Aisle Wall Clock

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Elegance Unleashed: Aisle Wall Clock - Timeless Fusion of Classic Charm and Contemporary Design for Any Room Décor!"


Material : Metal

Shade color : Warm

Clock color : Black and gold

Clock hands’ color : Gold

Dial type : Analogue

Wattage : 9w

Voltage : 90 – 210v

Number of lights : 1

Clock diameter : 9 inches

Total size : 57cm x 41.5cm


Grace your wall with the enchanting Aisle Wall Clock – a symphony of timeless beauty and modern allure. Crafted with precision, its classic charm is adorned with contemporary design, like delicate notes in a captivating melody. The elegant aesthetics, punctuated by golden accents, dance in harmony, making it not just a timepiece but a symbol of beauty that transcends the ordinary. Elevate your space with this masterpiece – where each tick echoes the rhythm of sophistication, and every glance reveals the poetry of design. 🌟⏰ #TimelessElegance #ModernCharm #AisleWallClock 

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